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Our Privacy Policy

In a world in which even Google has a privacy policy of sorts they generally tend to be pretty meaningless but we are quite emphatic about ours. We not only do not use cookies to track you, expose all your secrets and gather data about you that we can sell on to anyone who will pay for it; but we do not even use cookies at all. We can of course look in our website logs and find the IP address that you were using when you visited our website; it would theoretically be possible for us to identify you through this but firstly your ISP would not release this information without a court order, secondly I cannot think of any logical reason why a court would give this order and thirdly we have far better things to do with our time anyway.

Do bear in mind that our website contains links to other websites and their privacy policies may not be anywhere near as straightforward as ours so once you have left our site we can have no control whatsoever over how others treat your privacy; and if later you go to certain very popular search engine or social sites (you must know who they are; we certainly don't link to THEM) the true extent of how they abuse it may well frighten the living daylights out of you.

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